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Nature is truthful always...

Born and brought up in the Nilgri mountains, his relationship with nature has been deep rooted. His journey began with a old Russian film camera, and moved over to digital equipment in the year 2005. This opened a whole new arena for him in the form of little things of nature and the world of nature abstracts. He works in a high pressure IT audit profession, and making images is something that takes him away, into a world of his own.

Photographing nature has always been Balan’s passion. Fifteen years later he continues his journey with Nature and wildlife photography. It is the simple and little things of nature which attracts him the most. He believes in experiencing nature before framing it into a photograph thereby, trying to capture beyond what is visible.
Through his photographs he intends to get the viewer an exotic and a original view of the nature. His passion for photography is a serious affair, he believes in recreating and bringing the aura of nature through his lens.

Balan’s photographs are a play in-between light and dark capturing the character and emotions of the subjects. His photographs are captured keeping a balance between a painting and a photograph with an intention of transforming his common subjects into an abstract visual.

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